Decoppo’ s anti-slip water based sprayable suspensions and digital inks are produced by blending of powders that are synthesized by chemical processes using a number of ingredients together. The suspension or inks are applied to the top of the decoration layer of green tiles before firing. Excellent sintering behaviour of the non-slip layer and its smoothness enable easy cleaning of the tile surfaces, unlike other non-slip applications. Although surface roughness of the tiles produced using the non-slip digital inks is extremely smooth (Ra = 3-5 micrometre), the water-based non-slip suspension also gives very similar surface smoothness like the inks at a substantially reduced cost.



Our material solutions provide anti-slip tiles without compromising from its original design and look for many applications. Unlike most current products with an unpleasant grainy texture that are used mainly in outdoor wet areas, the very smooth surfaces achieved by both digital and spraying applications now makes the selection of anti-slip tiles easy in indoor areas like bathrooms and kitchens where it is most needed. 

Our wide range of materials solutions offers tuneable slip resistance from R9 to 13 providing superior grip, without compromising on style, ease of cleaning and competitive cost to manufacturers.