Decoppo has developed a solution to a long lasting problem of ceramic tile industry: exceptionally smooth non-slip surfaces without compromising the quality of graphics design and the ease of cleaning. ¬†Therefore, existing designs can simply be made anti-slip with the application of Decoppo’¬†s anti-slip products.

Although surface smoothness and anti-slip property are conflicting with each other, the latest innovation of Decoppo has overcome this dilemma by designing a materials system that evolves to a novel microstructure during firing. 5-10 g/m2 anti-slip material is needed to get desired durable non-slip effect. Such a low amount of material used makes a substantial contribution to resource efficient sustainable production.

Available both in water-based suspension for airless spraying and in powder form for ink preparation for digital printing machines, the non-slip products achieve desired degree of anti-slip property, tuneable from R9 to R13 according to DIN 51130 standard or from 40 PTV to 62 PTV according to BS 7976-2:2002 standard.

Anti-Slip Surface Technical Characteristics Achieved by Range of Products


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